Esdlumen’s  Facebook Online Live Season Opens


Esdlumen’s online products exchange conference begins in June after the epidemic under control, which has a topic of “P3”. Last Friday (On June 19), our first Facebook online live for the USA market perfectly ended, and get many praises from our clients. This Wednesday (on June 24), we will hold another online live for the European market on Facebook again.


上周五的直播,对于美洲客户来说不吝于一场饕餮盛宴:有高端的户外固装LED显示屏产品太阳神,16:9箱体设计,高刷高亮,超轻铝合金箱体,HCC技术省电30%,可前维护贴墙安装,随便一个单独卖点都足够吸引;有在经典产品上再次升级的户内固装产品BIM MAX,可完美拼接BIM PRO,16:9箱体设计,一如既往的超轻超薄;更有让人心动的促销政策。

During our last Friday’s online live, we displayed our high-end outdoor fixed LED display (Helios) and our new indoor fixed LED screen (BIM Max).



As our second time online live, the online live for the European market will also give you many surprises!


1. 最期待的产品——刀锋(1000*500箱体和500*500箱体)


The most expecting product – Blade (With 1000*500 and 500*500 cabinets)

The reason why Esdlumen was well-known all over the world is because of our rental products. As the most high-end outdoor rental product of Esdlumen, there is no doubt that our Blade product is just like the most shining gemstone on the royal crown. Since our Blade product launched, it got much attention from our clients all over the world.




2. 超级心动的促销优惠

The most exciting promotion policy


During our online live season, you will get an unprecedented discount for buying our Blade product.

近期,还将有更多的产品和促销政策加入直播计划中,更多直播精彩内容,请登录facebook搜索shenzhen eastar electronic co.,ltd观看直播回放。

In the near future, more products and promotion policies will be added to the live program. For more information, welcome to visit our Facebook Page (Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd) to watch the live!