1. I agree to check and abide by the posted rules in the Dog Park. These rules may be updated as needed.
  2. All dogs entering the Dog Park must be vaccinated and licensed as required by NYS Law.
  3. Dogs should wear a collar and an identifying ID at all times.
  4. Persons caught not picking up after their dog will immediately forfeit all membership privileges with no return of paid dues. There is a new poop bag dispenser for members use. Please rinse the areas your dog urinates in and prevent them from urinating on the Dog Park lockbox or hose housing.
  5. Unspayed and unneutered dogs pose an added risk to others enjoyment of the Dog Park. Unspayed female dogs in estrus are not allowed to use the facility until they are no longer cycling. If your intact male dog acts aggressively, he must be removed from the Dog Park immediately. If this occurs more than once, membership will be forfeited.
  6. Please discard all garbage, including cigarette butts, in the appropriate receptacles.
  7. Persons are not allowed to enter the Dog Park without a dog. Please make sure to include any family members on the list of those who may need access.
  8. Any accidents or injuries must be reported to DOOT at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Children under the age of twelve (12) are not allowed to use the park, even if accompanied by an adult. This is for everyone’s safety.
  10. Dues may be paid yearly, or biannually if more convenient. For those who may be unable to pay, financial relief may be provided.
  11. Members are expected to treat all facility infrastructure with respect. Those caught defacing or destroying DOOT property will forfeit their membership.
  12. Please refrain from bringing in food to the Dog Park (human or canine). It could agitate some dogs.
  13. Hosing down dogs is allowed, but please no grooming of any dogs in the Dog Park.
  14. Bicycles, scooters, rollerblades or anything else with wheels are not allowed in the Dog Park
  15. Our park is a gift to the community. Please treat the facility with respect.
  16. Anyone caught allowing non-members to access the facility (holding the door open for non-members or giving the access code to non-members) will forfeit their membership.
  17. Dog walkers or member families may only bring in other members dogs to the park. For safety reasons no dog walker may bring in more than three (3) dogs at a time.
  18. No dog may be in the park unaccompanied at any point.
  19. No prong collars may be worn in the Dog Park. If your dog wears one, please remove the collar and leave it by the entrance.
  20. Muzzled dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park. Dogs convey social signals to each other which involve sniffing and facial gestures which may be obscured by a muzzle. Muzzled dogs are at a disadvantage.
  21. Aggressive/socially inept dogs who attack other dogs should not be Dog Park users. Please do not subject other members, their dogs, or your own dog to stressful situations which may trigger unwanted behavior. Dogs that attack other dogs will be denied entry.
  22. Bringing in balls and toys to the park may create possessive tendencies in some dogs. If your dog aggresses other dogs or persons, over a toy or ball, you must leave the Dog Park. Return during off hours or refrain from toy use.
  23. The dog is the member. Any person on the dog’s access list may enter the Dog Park.